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What Can We Say About Sunfilled Garden?


Sunfilled Garden is a product consisting of wonderful Wildflowers and Ornamental Cabbage prepared with harmony, care and pleasure by our Floral Designers team.


Attention should be paid to Sunfilled Garden water color. If there is a water-colored nausea before 2 days due to the stems of the flowers in the glass vase, the water should be changed. When we think that these special flowers are alive, we can continue the visual beauty by removing our flower, which is about to complete its life, from our vase.


Sunfilled Garden Flowers can be added ice water or cold water to the glass vase, it is important that there is absolutely no direct sun as an environment. If you observe that there is fainting in flowers in a warm environment, we think it will be enough to cut the stems of the flowers and put them in renewed water.


Our product includes Ornamental Cabbage, Orange Gazebo Rose, Fuchsia Hüsnüyusuf, and it is one of the arrangements prepared by our floral designers team to give him the most meaningful gift for you.


Product Size : Around 30-35 cm

Sunfilled Garden

VAT Included
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